Best Stocks for September 2021

Best Online Stock Brokers & Apps


Robinhood is a popular stock & crypto trading app that's extremely popular with millenials. You can buy and sell stocks, cryptocurrencies, and options for free.


Webull is my favorite stock trading app for creating watchlists and tracking stocks. I use the Webull app on my phone as well as the desktop platform for my Youtube videos. Get 2 free stocks when you sign up for Webull using my referral link.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Stocks

New to the EV industry? Find out which stocks are the best investments for the inevitable EV investment boom.


New to Bitcoin cryptocurrency? Learn how Bitcoin works, take a look at Bitcoin’s price history and find the best Bitcoin crypto stocks to buy right now.

Investing Reviews

Stock Trading Apps

I reviewed the best stock trading apps I use on a daily basis.

Webull Alternatives

Looking for a Webull alternative? Check out these investing apps.

Robinhood Alternatives

Tired of using Robinhood? Here are some reviews of Robinhood alternatives for US and non-US citizens.