Will Lucid Stock Go Back Up to $60?

Lucid Group (LCID) stock is up 88% YTD and many Lucid bulls are wondering if LCID stock will retest its previous high of $60.

Lucid Won’t Hit $60 For a Few Years

There is the potential for a Lucid short squeeze in the short term but I don’t think LCID stock will hit $60 at least for a few years. The biggest problem is there are a lot of bagholders who bought Lucid stock over $60 and want to sell in order to break even.

Sellers will come into the stock around $40 as buyers during the 3rd pump try to break even.

This would put a lot of selling pressure on LCID and cause the price to selloff as LCID approaches previous highs.

The Saudi PIF May Acquire The Remaining LCID Shares for Well Under $60

There is also a possibility that the Saudi PIF’s affiliate Ayar Third Investment takes LCID private before LCID stock soars to the moon. The PIF already owns as much as 65% of LCID common stock and most likely wants to take the entire company private.

There was a big Saudi PIF buyout rumor spreading in January 2023 that sent LCID stock as high as $17 on a potential buyout. However, Lucid never confirmed the rumor and the stock crashed back down to around $12.

If the rumor is true then the PIF will probably pay around $25 to $30 per share, which is well below $60.

Lucid Stock Could Soar by 2025 Past $60 If Deliveries Keep Increasing

In my LCID stock price prediction, I predict LCID stock will trade over $125 by 2025 once the company can become profitable based on EBITDA.

Tesla stock started soaring once it became profitable and I would expect something similar to happen in terms of Lucid’s stock price.

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