Where Will SoFI Stock Be in 5 Years?

SoFI stock is one of my favorite fintech plays because the company offers an amazing high-interest checking & savings account along with other helpful services such as investing, loans, and crypto products.

Where Will SoFI Stock Be in 5 Years?

Member growth is crucial to SoFI’s success because more members will grow the company’s revenue at a faster pace. SoFI currently has over 4 million members with around 1.8 million new members signing up each year.

That means SoFI could have around 12 million members if the company continues to grow at the same pace. Revenue is positively correlated to member growth so it’s one of the most important metrics investors should pay attention to.

According to SeekingAlpha, analyst estimate that SoFI will become profitable in 2024 and generate positive earnings for the first time. SoFI’s 3 year revenue growth rate is 53% and the company could reach $11+ billion in revenue by 2027.

Higher revenue with positive earnings would translate into a much higher SoFI stock price. SoFI could reach a market cap of $40 billion in the next 5 years and hit $50 per share if the company continues to grow at the same rate.

SoFI is Disrupting the Fintech Industry

No other bank or fintech company offers the same all-in-one banking experience as SoFI does. The company caters to Millennial and Gen Z customers who have been neglected by the legacy banking industry for years.

Legacy banks nickel and dime their customers to death with high overdraft fees and paltry checking & savings yields so they can boost their profit margins. SoFI doesn’t do this and cares more about its customers.

The company offers the highest checking & savings APYs out of any bank plus doesn’t charge overdraft fees or account minimums. You can also apply for loans, invest in the stock market, or trade cryptocurrencies.

SoFI is the perfect solution for frustrated legacy banking customers who are tired of high fees, lack of investment products, and terrible checking & savings APYs.

SoFI’s growing member base shows that the company is heading in the right direction.

The Student Loan Pause Will Be Lifted in 2023

While SoFI continues to achieve record member growth and revenue, the company has struggled with the Federal government’s Student Loan Repayment Pause. However, student loan borrowers will be forced to begin paying back their loans in 2023 and this will help SoFI’s revenue in a positive way.

SoFI cannot rely on stock & crypto revenue burning the current bear market so generating revenue through loans will be crucial to the company’s top line.


I’m extremely bullish on SoFI stock and believe SoFI shares could 10x in the next 5 years. The company looks poised for hockey stick growth as it approaches the 10 million-member milestone over the next few years.

Once SoFI starts growing and becomes profitable, many early investors who have held through tough times will be rewarded by some impressive gains.

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