Where Will Meta Platforms Stock Be in 5 Years?

Meta Platforms stock has been crushed in 2022 and META shares are now trading around $100. Investors are worried that Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg is too focused on the metaverse instead of Meta’s core advertising business.

Where Will Meta Stock Be in 5 Years?

It really depends on whether ad revenue rebounds in the future as long as Meta can retain its massive daily active users. The company struggled in 2022 due to a major shift in the ad industry. Recessionary fears caused a lot of advertisers to cut their ad budgets during uncertain finance times.

This affected Meta in a terrible way and the company is dealing with lower net income and cash on hand. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg is making a massive bet on the metaverse although it continues to be a cash losing business.


I’m bearish on Meta Platforms stock and don’t like the long term prospects of the company. If the metaverse fails to pay off then Meta could become one of the many once-great companies that have been reduced to nothing over time.

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