Top 5 Places to Buy Junk Silver Coins

Junk silver refers to U.S. coins minted in 1964 or prior to that and normally have no numismatic value above the silver content.

Nonetheless, junk silver can act as a good form of investment to coin collectors because there is very little premium on the coins due to lack of numismatic value, and are also mostly in good condition.

Junk silver still remains a legal tender irrespective of what happens to the price of silver, and tend to be more recognizable than generic silver rounds from private mints.

Below is a list of the top 5 places to buy junk silver online.


eBay is rated at the top site where you can buy junk silver for varying reasons. Here you will find a wide variety of junk silver irrespective of whether you are looking for $ 5 or $ 1000 of junk silver. Additionally, eBay avails you information with regard to the credibility of each seller. You can also see the seller’s rating to the right of a listing under the heading ‘Meet the seller’. This is particularly important as it will help you to find an honest seller.

C.C. Silver & Gold Inc.

This company also offers a variety of coin choices but with a more professional approach. It is ideal and much suited for investors with a large purchase of $ 1,000 or more as compared to eBay. On their website, you will find Morgan dollars, Peace dollars and ninety percent silver coins with U.S half-dollars, Dimes and Quarters all dated before 1964.

Provident Metals

This is another site where you can find junk silver coins at some of the lowest prices on the internet. Even though the selection at provident metals is not as wide as it is on eBay, they still have an impressive selection. The site is also easy to navigate making it easy for you to breeze through the selection.

CMI Gold & Silver

This site offers junk silver bags to investors who have worries with regard to professional businesses. The website is designed in an easy and simple manner and it offers Junk Silver at the same premium as Silver bullion. However, one of the site’s disadvantages is the lack of an on-line store, hence not very welcoming to online shoppers.

Monex Deposit Company

At Monex you can also find a collection of junk silver coins. However, Monex casts the same image as CMI with regard to professionalism. It can be disappointing for online shoppers too as it requires you to call an account representative before purchasing your coins.

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  1. Ebay is my one stop shop for all things silver – minted coins, junk silver, silver bars, etc. There is a small premium for shipping and prices normally go higher because Ebay gets a cut, but you can usually get your silver in 2-3 days.

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