Best Stocks Under $2

Are you looking for the best stocks under $2 to buy right now?

$2 stocks are also known as penny stocks, which carry additional risks such as high volatility and price swings.

Be careful with these types of cheap stocks because you can gain or lose in a hurry.

Best Stocks Under $2

  • Alkaline Water Company (NASDAQ: WTER)
  • Genius Brands (NASDAQ: GNUS)

Alkaline Water Company (WTER)

Alkaine Water Company sells Alkaine water and CBD products through their online website and in over 50,000 American grocery and retail stores around the country.

The company experienced record revenue growth in Fiscal year 2021 of $46 million and continues expanding its reach globally.

Hall of Fame NBA legend Shaquille O’neal became the company’s brand ambassador and joined the board of directors as well.

CBD market is a big opportunity for the company plus more people will drink Alkaine water as a way to stay healthy during the pandemic.

WTER stock currently trades just under $2 but I don’t think it will remain at these levels for much longer.

Genius Brands (GNUS)

Genius Brands is a kids entertainment company that launched the fast growing Kartoon! Channel as a way to stream educational & fun cartoons for children ages 2 to 12.

The company maintains an aggresssive growth strategy by constantly adding new cartoons on its app, including branded cartoons with celebrities like Aronald Schwartsnegger and Shaquille O’neal.

Streaming will be huge in the future as more children consume content from home or on the go.

At just a $500 million market cap, Genius Brands could turn into a much larger company that generates tons of advertising income from its growing cartoon lineup.

Once Shaq’s Garage launches later in 2021, I don’t think Genius Brands will remain under $2 for much longer.

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