6 Best Social Media Stocks for 2024

Social media stocks provide investors with a chance to profit from increased ad spend and the growing social e-commerce economy as more users make purchases – from product discovery to checkout – within social media networks.

According to Oberlo, Global social media users is expected to reach 4.4 billion in 2025.

Shopping on social media platforms could reach $1.2 trillion in 2025, according to Accenture.

More users equals more advertising revenue and e-commerce transactions from the biggest platers. In this article, I’ve covered the best social media stocks to invest in.

Top Social Media Stocks To Buy

  • Alphabet (NASDAQ: GOOG)
  • Bumble (NASDAQ: BMBL)
  • Linkedin (NASDAQ: LNKD)
  • Match (NASDAQ: MTCH)
  • Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: META)
  • Pinterest (NYSE: PINS)
  • Snap (NYSE: SNAP)
  • Twitter (NASDAQ: TWTR)
  • Zynga (NASDAQ:

Here’s my personal take on each stock.

1. Alphabet

Alphabet owns Youtube, the 2nd largest video social media network in the world behind Tiktok. Video is the future of the internet and will become more popular after the global rollout of 5g networks.

However, advertising growth has slowed recently in Q2 2022 due to inflation fears and a global recession. Many companies have reduced their ad budgets and Youtube experienced a drop in overall CPMs across the entire platform.

In the long run, Youtube Shorts competes with Tiktok for the competitive short form video market share and advertisers will eventually start spending again once the economy bounces back.

2. Bumble

Bumble, the parent company for Bumble and Badoo, uses a woman-first approach to online dating and has emerged as one of the top social media stocks to own. The company exceeded over 3 million paying members in Q2 2022 (over 1.9 million on Bumble alone) and looks like it’s close to breaking even in the near future.

Bumble continues to grow steadly while Badoo has seen a decline in user growth and revenue. In the future, Bumble will mostly likely perform better while Badoo is suffering from a loss in market share and interest. Tinder hasn’t helped Badoo’s growth either.

4. Linkedin

Linkedin is the premier social network for professionals and could be essential in that current economy as more people are looking for gainful employment nowadays.

5. Match

Match owns the popular dating app Tinder and has seen its growth stall recently.

5. Meta

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook & Instagram, is the most popular social media company in the world but must continue innovating to keep up with Tiktok explosive growth.

The company launched Facebook Reels to compete with Tiktok’s short form video but hasn’t done much recently in terms of user growth. Many investors believed “Facebook has peaked”, which is why the company changed its name to Meta Platforms last year to bet on the web 3.0 movement.

Meta Platforms is losing billions of dollars each quarter due to its metaverse investments but still holds plenty of cash on its balance sheet and remains a cashcow. As long as Meta retains its Facebook and Instragram following then the company can remain profitable until its Occulus investment pays off.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is a popular image sharing network that allows people to “Pin” their favorite images and share them with friends. The company earns revenue from advertisers who pay to reach users with targeted ads.

Like most ad dependent companies, Pinterest is dealing with uncertainties in the ad industry and saw a slight decline in MAUs during Q2 2022.

The good news is that people will continue sharing images on the internet indefinitely and Pinterest should bounce back in the future.

Which Social Media Stock(s) Are the Best Investment?

I personally invest in social media stocks with a highly active userbase with long term growth potential.

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