Should You Move Back Home with Your Parents to Save Money?

Are you thinking about moving back home with your parents to save money? Lots of young adults are seriously considering moving back home with their parents to save money due to rising cost of living and inflation.

My very own baby boomers parents recommended that I move back to the United States to save money and “build wealth”. I’ve been living in SE Asia for a few years and have two small children that depend on me.

At 37 years of age, I thought about moving back to the United States and living with my parents but really don’t recommend it unless you are on the verge of homelessness or recently lost your job.

What are the benefits of living with your parents?

Let’s be real: moving back home with your parents will save you a ton of money in the long run. We spent our childhood going to school and having fun while our parents paid the bills.

Moving back home gives you a few real life benefits that cannot be ignored:

  • Spending Time with Your Aging Parents: Moving back home gives you more time with your parents as they age. This applies to specifically to Millenials whose parents are in their 60’s and 70’s.
  • Free Rent: Saving money on rent is a smart way to boost your savings and invest more money.
  • Save Money on Food: Food is getting expensive due to inflation but living with your parents means you eat for free.
  • Lower Transportation Costs: Borrowing your parent’s car saves you money on gas, auto loans, and maintenance
  • Invest More Money: Use the extra savings to invest in the stock market or buy cryptocurrencies.

What are the drawbacks to moving back in with your parents?

Moving back home with your parents isn’t normal since most previous generations left the nest between the ages of 18 to 21 and never went back.

Both of my parents left the countryside to move to Washington DC and never considered going back home EVER. In fact, my uncle (who may consider mentally ill) was the only adult I knew that never left his birth home.

While saving money is important, think about the negative side of moving back home with your parents:

  • Sense of Failure: Moving back home with your parents as an adult doesn’t feel good and makes you feel like a loser.
  • Loss of Privacy: You get comfortable living alone or with another person in your adulthood. Moving back home destroys your privacy and enter this weird state of permanent childhood.
  • Lack of Dating Options: Unless you are a complete stud or barbie, most singles won’t consider a grown man or woman who lives with their parents as a serious long ter partnership. The most eligible singles in your town won’t give you a fighting chance.

Why I Prefer Living in Asia Over Moving Back Home to the United States

I’ve been living abroad since 2017 with no huge desire to return back to the United States. I spent the first 30 years of my life living in America and want to experience living in the east for a bit more time.

I may change my mind in 2024 after the April 2024 Bitcoin halving but right now I’m pretty comfortable where I am.

My Advice for Young Adults Thinking About Moving Back Home in America

However, this advice doesn’t apply to you guys who are dealing with the rising cost of living in America. Moving back home is a better idea than spending $1,500 or more on a fancy apartment that you don’t need.

If you are single in America then think about moving back home ASAP to save money. Dating is a waste of time and money plus you will spend more time with your loved ones.

Got a family? Moving back home won’t be as easy but your parents want to spend more time with their grandkids. You will save money on childcare expenses and give your parents more precious time with the grandkids.

Alternatives to Moving Back Home With Your Parents

  • Make More Money: Look for ways to increase your income and make more money. Search for a higher paying job while employed or consider changing careers to earn more money.
  • Move to a Cheaper State: I’m from Washington DC where the cost of living is insane. Move out of expensive cities such as NYC, DC, LA and live in a 2nd tier city to save more money.
  • Move Abroad to a Different Country: In 2017, I bought a one-way ticket to Thailand because I was fed up with the high cost of living and unsufferable dating market in America. Moving to a cheaper country saves you a lot of money.
  • Live in a van or RV: Living in a van saves money on rent plus gives you the ability to travel across the country. It’s not the ideal situation in my opinion but many Americans have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by embracing Van Life.
  • Become a Housesitter: Homeowners will pay you to take care of their plants and pets when they travel away from home. It’s a great way to live rent free while helping a homeowner maintain his or her property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving back in with your parents can help you reduce living expenses significantly. You can save on rent, utilities, and groceries, which can free up money for other financial goals or debt repayment.

It can be a good idea if you’re facing financial hardship and need to reduce your expenses. It provides a safety net and allows you to stabilize your finances before moving out again.

Consider your financial situation, goals, and relationship with your parents. If you can save money without straining your relationship, it may be a good time.

Yes, there can be downsides, such as a loss of independence and potential strain on family dynamics. It may not be suitable for everyone.


It depends on your family’s dynamics and needs. Moving in with parents with a family can save money, but it can also be challenging. Consider the space and privacy issues.

Discuss financial contributions with your parents. You can offer to pay rent or cover certain bills to ease their financial burden.

Communication is key. Set boundaries, respect their rules, and contribute to household chores and expenses. Maintain open and respectful communication.

Ensure you have a plan for your next move. Save money diligently, clear any debts, and have a strategy for finding your own place.

Yes, there are alternatives like budgeting, finding roommates, or seeking higher-paying employment. Evaluate these options before making a decision.

Use this time to save, invest, or pay off debts. Create a financial plan and stick to it to maximize your financial stability.

Yes, as long as it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement and doesn’t disrupt your life or theirs. Some adults choose to live with parents to save for future goals.


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