All-in on Bitcoin? Jim Cramer Urges Investors to Sell Bitcoin into the Rally

The Inverse Cramer Strategy really works by following Jim Cramer’s recommendations and doing the exact opposite. Let’s take a look at Cramer’s latest take on Bitcoin.

Jim Cramer Urges Investors to Sell Bitcoin

On March 13th 2033, Cramer urged investors to sell Bitcoin into the rally because BTC’s price is being manipulated.

Here’s the full dialogue:

Matthew in Texas: “Hi Jim, I’m wondering with continued distrust in our bank system and the Federal Reserve, does it strengthen the investment case for Bitcoin?”

Cramer replied: “No. Bitcoin went up today and I could argue that now it can be held in banks. Bitcoin is a strange animal. I will say point black I think it’s being manipulated up. It was being manipulated up the whole time by Sam Bankman Fried. So please don’t assume therefore that it’s not still being manipulated. I would sell my Bitcoin right into this rally. I had been a believer in Bitcoin one time but not here and not now.”

Inversing Cramer Has a Strong Track Record

Doing the opposite of Cramer has made a lot of money just in the last few days. Cramer called First Republic Bank a strong buy before shares tanked from $90 and told his viewers to buy Silicon Valley Bank at $300 before SVB collaped.

Cramer has been wrong about Bitcoin in the past and this could be a massive bullish point for Bitcoin’s runup. I posted earlier that the crypto bull run could start in April 2023 as Bitcoin approaches the next halving cycle in May 2024.

People are realizing how risky the traditional bank system is and are looking into Bitcoin as a safe haven from other asset classes.

How to Inverse Cramer’s Bearish Bitcoin Take

There are several ways to profit by inversing Cramer’s bearish Bitcoin take:

  1. Buy Bitcoin: Purchase Bitcoin on the spot market from a trusted crypto exchange like Coinbase.
  2. Invest in GBTC: Buy shares in Grayscale’s Bitcoin trust that holds over 600k in locked BTC.
  3. Buy Bitcoin Stocks: Invest in popular Bitcoin stocks that hold BTC on its balance sheet.

We’ll see if Cramer is right or wrong on his Bitcoin recommendation over the next few weeks.

I think people are WOKE and understand that not holding Bitcoin is a major risk in today’s economic environment.

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