Jason Debolt Net Worth

Jason Debolt is a social media influencer and Tesla investor who retired at age 39 by investing in Tesla stock in 2013.

What is Jason Debolt’s Net Worth?

Jason Debolt has an estimated net worth of $12 million, which is mostly made up of Tesla stock. He used to own a house but sold it in January 2023 to buy more Tesla stock instead.

How Many Tesla Shares does Jason Debolt Own?

Jason Debolt owns 48,000 TSLA Shares as of Q3 2023.

Investing Lessons Learned from Jason Debolt

  1. Start Early: Jason started investing in Tesla in 2013 before the company became mainstream. He test drove a Tesla Model 3 and knew that electric cars were the future of the automotive industry. Instead of waiting for everyone else to jump onboard the Tesla train, Jason bought his first Tesla shares under $8 and retired before age 40 thanks to his long term vision.
  2. Focus: Jason went all-in on Tesla stock and doesn’t own any other investments. He did the opposite of traditional investment advice and didn’t diversify his investment portfolio
  3. Be Patience: Jason waited years for his Tesla investment to pay off even when Tesla nearly went bankrupt several times. He believed in Elon Musk’s vision and continued to HODL Tesla stock until the epic 2020 Tesla bull run that turned him into a multi-millionaire.

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