6 Inverse Cramer Stocks for Earnings This Week (11/7/22 to 11/1122)

Inverse Cramer is a popular stock & options strategy that watches Jim Cramer’s stock picks only to do the exact opposite. It’s become so popular that there are entire Inverse Cramer Twitter accounts and Inverse Cramer ETFs that track Cramer’s stock picks.

You can make a lot of money by tracking Cramer’s recommendations and trading against his recommendations.

For example, if Cramer thinks a stock will soar then you sell it or buy put options. If Cramer is bearish then that means it’s time to buy the stock or load up on call options.

6 Inverse Cramer Stock Picks for Earnings Week Starting 11/7/2022

CNBC posted an article covering the 10/24/2022 earnings week sharing Cramer’s recommendations. Here is a chart of Cramer’s picks along with a potential inverse Cramer strategy:

Company Earnings Date Cramer’s Take
Disney (DIS) 11/8/22 after hours Bullish (Positive)
AMC Theatres (AMC) 11/8/22 after hours Bearish (Negative)
Wynn Resorts (WYNN) 11/9/22 after hours Bullish (Positive)
Compass (COMP) 11/10/22 after hours N/A
Matterport (MTTR) 11/10/22 after hours Bearish (Negative)
Toast (TOST) 11/10/22 after hours Bearish (Negative)

How to Inverse Cramer Using Stocks & Options

Inverse Cramer works by trading against his recommendations. Here’s the general strategy:

  • If Cramer is bearish then you become bullish
  • If Cramer is bullish then you become bearish

You can become bullish by buying the underlying stock or call options. You can become bearish by either shorting the stock, buying put options, or selling your long shares.

You can use Robinhood to trade options for $0 commissions. It’s simple and easy to place options trades and execute them for profits. I usually close my options trades before the earnings release because I don’t like holding options through earnings.


Inverse Cramer is a real thing and it will be interesting to see how Q3 2022 earnings season plays out. I will update this chart moving forward to see if we can get an edge on the market.

I also plan to create an entire post tracking Cramer’s picks in the future if this article gains any traction. Be sure to share it if you find this article interesting!

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