Best Helium Stocks

Helium stocks are poised for massive growth as supply chain issues and rising commodity prices help natural gas companies earn more revenue. With the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, helium is becoming a more scarce resource in the global economy.

Helium (He) is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-combustible gas. It is mainly sourced from natural gas wells. This valuable gas is in short supply the world over, which is why many applications incorporate recovery and recycling systems.

Although Helium is the 2nd most abundant element on planet neath, it is a non-renewable resource, which means Helium supplies won’t last forever.

Helium is used across a wide range of industries in science, medicine, and technology.

Linde PLC

Linde plc is a UK based indutrial gas and engineering company. The company generated over $27 billion in revenue during 2021 and pays a heathy 1% quarterly dividend to sharholders.

Air Products and Chemicals

Air Products and Chemical is an American-based natural gas company that produces helium along with hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide.

The company earned $10 billion in revenue last year and pays a 2.62% dividend yield.


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