17+ Coinbase Users & Revenue Statistics (2024)

Coinbase is a leading cryptocurrency exchange that launched in 2012. The platform registered its first million users in less than 2 years and now has over 103 million verified registered users around the world.

Continue reading to find the latest, most up-to-date statistics on Coinbase.

Key Coinbase Stats

  • Coinbase has 103 million verified users.
  • 9 million Coinbase users make at least 1 transaction per month.
  • Coinbase generated $7.84 billion in revenue during 2021 and already earned $1.9 billion in the first half of 2022.
  • Total Trading volume in Q2 2022 on Coinbase was $217 billion

How Many Users Does Coinbase Have?

Coinbase defines verified users as all retail and institutional users with a registered account and a confirmed email address or phone number.

Coinbase has 103 million verified users.

Coinbase Monthly Transacting Users

Coinbase defines monthly transacting users as retail users who make at least one transaction during a given 28-day period.

Coinbase had 9 million monthly transacting users in Q2 2022, which equals 8% of the total user base.

Coinbase Institutional Customers

Coinbase has 14,500 institutional customers, including hedge funds, financial institutions and corporations. Between them, these institutional customers hold $49 billion worth of assets on the platform.

Assets on the Coinbase Platform

As of June 2022, Coinbase customers held $96 billion worth of assets on the platform.

What are the most held cryptocurrencies on Coinbase?

Bitcoin and Ethereum represent 64% of all assets on the Coinbase platform.

Coinbase Retail Trading Volume

Coinbase processed $46 billion worth of trades from retail customers in Q2 2022. That accounts for a 23% share of the total trading volume on the platform, with the remaining activity coming from institutional investors.

Coinbase Institutional Trading Volume

Institutional traders on Coinbase accounted for a trading volume of $171 billion in Q2 2022, which represents a 76% share of total trades.

What are the most traded cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin made up 31% of total trading volume in Q2 2022. Ethereum made up 22% of total trading volume during the same period. 47% of total trading volume is made up of other crypto assets on the platform.

How many crypto assets are supported on Coinbase?

Coinbase supports over 200 tradable assets and over 500 tradable pairs at the end of Q2 2022.

Coinbase Total Revenue

Coinbase generated $7.84 billion in 2021 revenue. The company has earned $1.9 billion in revenue so far in 2022.

Year Total Revenue
2017 $1 billion
2018 $520 million
2019 $533.73 million
2020 $1.28 billion
2021 $7.84 billion
2022 $1.96 billion (so far)

Coinbase Transaction Revenue

Transaction fees represent the vast majority (90%) of Coinbase revenue. Coinbase generated $1 in transaction revenue in Q1 2022.

How Much Crypto Does Coinbase Own?

As of June 2022, Coinbase $427.8 million in crypto assets. Coinbase owns 8,633 Bitcoin and 123,021 Ethereum.

How Much Cash Does Coinbase Have on Balance Sheet?

As of June 2022, Coinbase has $6.154 billion in cash on hand.

How many Employees Work at Coinbase?

More than 4,900 employees work at Coinbase.

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