10 Best Finance Movies on Netflix Right Now

Netflix offers some of the top Wall Street and stock market trading movies for the price of a monthly recurring membership. You’ll save a ton of money with a monthly Netflix subscription instead of renting/buying movies on Amazon Prime or Youtube.

Over the years, I’ve watched several stock market trading movies to learn more about how the industry works and which mistakes to avoid for long term success.

Here’s a list of my favorite Netflix films for finance professionals that I put together. Enjoy!

The Wolf of wall street (2013)

It is a 2013 film that is based on a true story of Jordan Belfort, who is a new york stockbroker. It is among the best investing movies in Netflix that depicts how the wall street swindler rises and falls in the stock market as he uses cheap stocks that move up and down drastically. As an investor, be careful with penny stocks that can lead to losses.

Money for nothing (2013)

It is a documentary that was produced in 2013 for the economics and investing courses. It was focusing on the incidents that happened in 2008 on a great recession and financial crisis. It is a movie that you, as investors, should watch. It shows how a wall street banker lost his job but currently manages major commercial landmarks in Manhattan.


It is a Korean film that tells the story of a novice stockbroker known as I1-Hyun. He meets successful scammer by the name Beonhopyo and asks him for his assistance. He is young and ambitious as well as ready to make more money but gets involved with a dangerous scam.

The big short (2015)

It is a film that was produced in 2015 and told of a story that involves men who gain from the upcoming economic crisis as well as make a massive profit in the stock market. It is a famous investing movie on Netflix and well known for showing cunning ways that can be used to break down complicated financial instruments.

Inside job (2010)

It is an informative documentary that focuses on the 2008 housing and banking financial crisis. It shows the event that happened from 2001to 2007 in the united states after some policies and banking practices changed. As an investor, understand the history of this film that led to the financial crisis and learn from past mistakes

Betting on zero

It is a Netflix film that talks about the real-life greed that consumes wall street. It tells of Bill Ackman crusade, where he exposes Herbalife company, which is a big pyramid scheme. He gives details of distributors who were scammed by the organization and the disagreement between him and Herbalife’s CEO.

Wall street (money never sleeps 2010)

It is a list topper of the best investing movies on Netflix that was released after Gordan Gekko came out of prison. Jake, who is his daughter’s fiance, approaches him and wants to be taught about ways of making money. He shows him that greed for cash is good, but the question is, how far will he go as an investor.

Boiler room

It is a 2000 drama movie that is about Seth Davis, who is a college dropout. He gets a job as a broker in an illegal suburban investment firm. He begins to shine in his career and places money above everything else. Later he starts to investigate the legitimacy of the firm. It is a film that shows how the assurance of enormous payment can corrupt anyone.

Rogue trader

It is a 1999 British drama film that involves the derivatives market. It is founded on a true story of Nick Lesson, who is sent in Singapore as a general manager. He brings the Barings bank down through huge losses and deception.He is later arrested on his way back to London and is sentenced to six and a half years.


Watch this documentary on Netflix, which is all about house investments. Economists Steve Levit shows ways of becoming smart when dealing with real estate.

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