3 Best Crypto Exchanges for US Citizens

If you live in the United States or hold US citizenship then you’re probably looking for some trusted crypto exchanges that catered to US customers.

Being a US citizen myself, I understand how it can be sometimes frustrating to find USA-friendly crypto exchanges.

In this article, I’ll provide you with my favorite cryptocurrency exchanges that I’ve either used personally or tested to buy coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, etc.

Top Crypto Exchanges for US Citizens

  1. Coinbase
  2. BlockFI
  3. Binance US

Coinbase – Best Overall Crypto Exchange for US Customers

As a longtime user of Coinbase, I personally find Coinbase to be the top overall crypto exchanges for Americans hands down.

Coinbase was founded in 2012 and operates as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in America with over 55 million accounts.

The company recently went public in early 2021 and currently trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol, COIN.

Coinbase makes buying and selling cryptocurrency extremely easy with just the click of 1 button.

All Coinbase accounts are protected with 2FA security and your cryptocurrency is well protected against cyberhackers and criminals.

The one downside to Coinbase is the fees but you can save a lot of money by using Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase normally charges 2% transaction fees but Coinbase Pro only charges 0.5%. If you want to transfer funds to an external wallet then use Coinbase Pro to avoid hefty mining fees.

I use Coinbase to DCA Bitcoin daily but I will admit Coinbase lacks some important features like staking and the ability of purchase lesser known altcoins.

If you’re a complete beginner to crypto then Coinbase is the best crypto exchange for you.

BlockFI – Best Crypto Exchange for Earning Interest on Your Crypto (Staking)

BlockFI is my 2nd favorite cryptocurrency exchange mainly because you can earn up to 14% APY by staking your crypto on their platform. If you own Bitcoin then you’ll receive 6% APY interest on your BTC.

BlockFI is good for intermediate to experienced crypto investors who want to generate passive income with their crypto. You can setup 2FA security to secure your holdings and put a portfolio of your crypto portfolio to pursue early retirement.

BlockFI doesn’t charge any fees to purchase crypto through its platform so it’s a much cheaper alternative to Coinbase. However, BlockFI does charge withdrawal fees to move your crypto of their platform.

Binance.US – Best Crypto Exchange for Buying Altcoins

Binance is the world’s most popular crypto trading exchange in the world but Americans must use Binance.Us to buy/sell on their platform.

Binance is built for more advanced crypto investors because the platform lists coins in pairs, which can make things more difficult to understand.

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