The 10 Best Bank Stocks for 2023

Picking the right bank to invest in is a matter of research the strength of the bank and the quality they provide to the customers and their stockholders. Here are the best bank stocks 2019 edition:

1. Citizens Financial Group (CFG)

(Current Share: $33.74; EPS: $3.73, 5-Year RTN +$10.32: DIV: $ 1.44)

Citizens Financial Group is strongly focused on customer service and interest derived from the loans they grant on for commercial, home, and automotive loans along with lines of credit.

2. Morgan Stanley (MS)

(Current Share: $41.49; EPS: 4.58, 5-Year RTN: +$6.92 $; DIV: $1.40)

Morgan Stanley is a reliable anchor for a portfolio. It is consistent and doesn’t swing very wide in expectations.

3. CME Group (CME)

(Current Share: $217.29; EPS: 3.78, 5-Year RTN: +$137.33;DIV: 0)

CME is the parent company of Chicago Mercantile. They also own several other powerhouse pieces of the New York, London, S&P and Dow Jones stock exchanges. They will profit from these connections making them a strong investment choice.

4. JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM)

(Current Share: $109.86; EPS: 9.78, 5-Year RTN: +$ 49.62; DIV: $3.60)

JP Morgan Chase & Co. did an amazing job of avoiding the 2008 financial crisis while preserving the assets of their customers. Their returns so far this year are up 15%

5. Goldman Sachs Group (GS)

(Current Share: $203.91; EPS: $23.86, 5-Year RTN: +$20.37;DIV: $5.00)

This banking giant holds steady even when the market does not. They just had ana zing second quarter come to an end and they came out on top.

6. PayPal (PYPL)

(Current Share: $109.05; EPS: 2.10, 5-Year RTN: +$70.35; DIV: 0)

Paypal is a large-cap growth stock. It has 3 billion transactions a year and is rapidly growing through its expansion into other markets and the domination of the mobile payment sector.

7. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A, BRK.B)

(Current Share: $303,078; EPS: 17,611.19, 5-Year RTN: +$96,178; DIV: 0)

Berkshire Hathaway stocks are some of the largest on the market. They are leading the market on all fronts and Warren Buffett knows his stocks and how the market moves well. They are one of the best bank stocks 2019 has to offer.

8. U.S. Bancorp (USB)

(Current Share: $52.69; EPS: 4.26, 5-Year RTN: +$10.86; DIV: $1.48)

U.S. Bancorp has one of the biggest names in investing attached to it: Warren Buffett’s. The bank is run conservatively and its second-quarter exceeded expectations for investors.

9. Interactive Brokers (IBKR)

(Current Share: $47.20; EPS: N/A, 5-Year RTN:+ $22.95; DIV: 0)

This is one of the best quality stocks in the market. They offer automated trading and low costs which attracts customers to their platform.

10. American Express co. (AXP)

(Current Share: $120.37; EPS: 8.09, 5-Year RTN: +$32.83 ;DIV: $1.56)

American Express is one of the more affordable card stocks on the market. Its last quarter exceeded expectations with the shares appreciating by 13%.

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