10 Ways to Invest with $250 or less

It’s really easy to start investing with very little money. You can start with just $250 or less.

Here’s 10 simple ways to invest $250 and grow your small investment into a much larger sum of money.

1. Binary Options

Binary Options is a very profitable way to make money by determining whether the price of a currency, stock or commodity will move above or below a specific price at the option’s expiration date. My favorite binary options broker is Boss Capital. Check out how to trade binary options for beginners for more information.


Dividend Reinvestment plans allow you to reinvest your stock dividends and purchase shares with a company’s quarterly dividend. Here’s a list of the best DRIP stock.

3. Daily Fantasy Sports

If you’re a sports fan, you can turn $25 into over $40,000 by building a roster of players in the major sports such as NBA, NFL, MLB and College sports that scores the most fantasy points based on a strict scoring system. Check out Fanduel and DraftKings to learn more about daily fantasy sports.

4. Penny Stocks

Unlike most large cap stocks, penny stocks trade between $0.01 to $1 and experience lots of price fluctation. You can buy lots of shares then sell them at a profit during major prices moves. Check out more information about finding penny stocks.

5. Adsense Ready Websites

Hire website experts to build you a cash pulling niche Adsense websites that earns between $50 to $1,000 per month on autopilot. The cost of 1 site is around $30 with bulk discounts available. Here’s a couple places to acquire these websites: AdsenseNicheSites and BuyAdsenseSites.

6. Amazon Ecommerce

Become an Amazon seller by creating your very own product and selling it on Amazon. Use Alibaba to find suppliers then order your first inventory. Resell the products on Amazon.com at a profit and pocket the difference. Signup for this course called Amazing Sell Machine.

7. Network Marketing

Join a network marketing company then sell the product to others to create a downline. You will make money on their sales plus any people they refer. MOBE paid out over $10 million to partners last year.

8. Domain Flipping

.COM domains are extremely valuable assets to end users with a business idea in mind. Pick up these domains at a discount then resell them to companies for a higher price. Check out DNJournal for latest domain sales prices and Domain Investing for information on how to get started.

9. REITs

Want to own real estate without having to worry about all the hassles? Invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts that pay a monthly dividend to shareholders. The most popular REIT is Reality Income (Ticker: O).

10. Buy Gold

Commodities like Gold are a great way to hedge against the inflation of currencies such as the US Dollar, Euro, etc. Historically over time, the value of gold continues to rise in the long term. Gold bullion and coins are the most popular methods of gold investing. APMEX is a safe trusted gold seller online that’s easy to use and will deliver to your home and/or residence. If you’re interested in overseas storage, I recommend BullionStar.

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