About Us

InvestorTrip.com was founded in October 2006. Over the years, our company has gone through peaks and valleys but the long-term goal remains the same: helping our readers make better investment decisions.

Our Mission Statement

Investor Trip is a community website dedicated to transforming the lives of everyday people through the power of investing & financial education.

We believe in the following simple equation that leads to freedom through financial success:


It’s critical that you understand how saving & investing gives you massive freedom down the road once your investments earn enough income to cover your wants & expenses.

Too many people struggle financially and won’t be able to retire comfortably as they age. It’s an epidemic across the globe as older people are forced to work well past retirement age to fund their lifestyles.

On the other hand, younger people struggle with debt and can never achieve freedom over their time using money.

Our goal is to change that for our readers. We hope you find value in our simple system and follow through until you achieve true freedom over your time and money.

Our Values

We put our readers first and serve to provide timely, helpful insight for retail and institutional investors.

We care more about long-term trust than short-term gains. That’s why we choose to recommend high-quality financial products and services on our website instead of displaying distracting banner ads and popups.

We also put a major emphasis on a fast-loading website to reduce carbon emissions. We proudly state that our website received an A+ rating from Website Carbon Calculator and is 98% more carbon-friendly than the rest of the internet.

We are a reader-first company with your best interests in mind. We understand that trust compounds over time just like dividends do and can also be ruined within a heartbeat.

Our Finances

Our company generates revenue via affiliate marketing and paid sponsored guest posts. We are currently profitable with an 85% profit margin along with zero debt.

You can learn more about our company’s financial performance by reading our latest quarterly income reports.


Investor Trip is not a professional investment advisor, and we do not recommend buying or selling any securities without performing a thorough analysis first.

All content on this site is opinion-based only, so please conduct your research before trading in the equity markets.