Wowio: Download Free eBooks & Refer 10 Friends to Get A Free iPod Shuffle

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Wowio lets users download eBooks for free off the internet. You can browse Wowio's digital library, and download up to 5 eBooks every day. All eBooks are PDF files, so all you need is Adobe Acrobat to download and view the files.

How to Sign Up for Wowio

You need 1 of the following:

  • non-anonymous e-mail address – your business or school e-mail works best. They disallow & addresses probably for spam prevention. Websites e-mail addresses seem to work fine like your blog e-mail.
  • Credit Card – not really necessary here, but they don't charge it or anything.
  • Scan of ID – I wouldn't bother scanning your driver's license. If you're desperate, go with the last option.
  • Use a Friend's Code – An existing member can vouch for you if you lack all of the above instruments.

Free Business & Investing eBooks

The digital library contains 3 pages full of business & investing ebooks. Some of the titles include:

  • The Art of Money Getting by Phineas T. Barnum
  • What I Learned About Business by Henry Ford (The Ford Motors Pioneer)
  • Excel for the CEO by P.K. Hari

I probably would have signed up even if they weren't offering a Free iPod Shuffle. Henry Ford's eBook sounds like a good read for starters.

Refer 10 Friends and Get a Free iPod Shuffle

Get A Free iPod Shuffle from Wowio

Wowio is offering a free iPod Shuffle to members who refer 10 people to the program. It's a clever marketing ploy because 10 members will be worth much more than $100 in the future. Anyways, after you sign up and confirm your e-mail address, you will see a referral form on Wowio's website. Since I want my readers to cash in on this free iPod offer as well, either list your e-mail in the comments or contact me. Just choose one of the following e-mails below so the Investor Trip community gets credit for the referral.

Referral List (Pick 1 e-mail at random)

tjp [at]

dcbuyingstuff [at]

kmcdon07 [at]

Note: Once you get 10 referrals, let me know so I can remove your e-mail address.

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