Why Kanye West aka “Ye” Supports Bitcoin After JP Morgan Breakup

Why Kanye West Supports Bitcoin

2022 has been a rough year for “Ye” who went through a nasty divorce from Kim Kardashian and suffered public humiliation due to Pete Davidson’s rebound guy antics.

Kanye West aka “Ye” was canceled by JP Morgan Bank on October 14th, 2022 after Ye’s hateful tweets against the Jewish community.

“Ye” claims “I put $140 million into JP Morgan Bank and they treated me like shit”:

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“Ye” Should Embrace Bitcoin Instead of Attacking Religious Groups

I attended a predominantly Jewish school in Washington, DC and understand the personal struggles of the Jewish community. The Jewish community is a proud group of talented individuals who don’t let the ugly legacy of the Holocaust slow them down.

Being born and raised as an African-American in the United States, I have heard every racial slur or insult you could think of. I’m deeply saddened that Kanye West took out his problems on the Jewish community.

I’m not surprised that JP Morgan cut ties with Kanye West to distance themselves from his toxic, abnormal behavior. In the era of cancel culture, we have witnessed major corporations such as banks & tech companies cut ties with numerous celebrities when they behave poorly.

However, the truth is that even billionaires such as Kanye West have no control over their wealth when they keep their funds in the traditional banking system. Banks like JP Morgan can do whatever they want with your money because they ultimally have control over your savings.

Kanye West Was Spotted Wearing a “Satoshi Nakamoto” Hat Just Days After The Breakup

Kanye West has supported Bitcoin in the past but it looks like he is turning to the oldest cryptocurrency out of pure necessity. The rapper & fashion mogul was spotted wearing a “Satoshi Nakamoto” hat in Beverly Hills, California.

This all makes sense because “Ye” tweeted out in support of decentralized banking back in 2008.

“Ye” understands that Bitcoin is the people’s money and cannot be controlled by any central bank or government entity.

Bitcoin is for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religious background, or nationality. Bitcoin’s anonymous founder, Satoshi Nakamotoa, wanted to give the power back to us 99% who make up the bulk of humanity.

More People Will Realize Why Bitcoin is So Important

Banks shouldn’t be able to close your accounts and freeze your assets whenever they please. That’s too much power for one company or organization to possess.

Instead of putting 100% of your financial energy into the legacy banking system, you can opt for a more transparent, censor-free financial system that provides equal opportunity for all its members.

Bitcoin is the best 21st century financial system and now more people will realize why it’s so important moving forward.


Kanye West aka “Ye” has been through a lot over the years. He experienced a near fatal car crash, lost his mother unexpectedly, and got divorced after 7 years despite having 4 children with Kim Kardashian.

When times are rough, Bitcoin is one of the only things you can count on 247/365. Bitcoin will never die or divorce you. It won’t cancel your account or blacklisted you no matter what you say.

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