Why Does Zecco Trading Publish Google Adsense On Their Homepage?


I was checking out Zecco when I noticed multiple Google Adsense units on their homepage. They are placed directly beneath the large $0 stock trades image on the front page of Zecco’s website. I snapped a screenshot of the Zecco banner and the Adsense units as visual evidence. There are 5 ads in total on the homepage: 3 Adsense Text units, 1 link unit, and a small Wall Street Journal banner.

Snapshot of the Google Adsense Units on Zecco’s Homepage

Zecco Trading Homepage Picture

You can see two Google Adsense units at the very bottom of the screenshot, including one advertisement for Forex trading. I don’t think investors visit Zecco to gather more information on the foreign exchange market. They are searching for a new broker.

The Cost of Losing Potential Customers Vs. A Quick 30 Cent Profit

I’m all for Adsense on content heavy websites, but seeing Adsense on a brokerage site shocks me a bit. Why would Zecco want to lose a potential life-long customer for a quick $0.30 Adsense gain? This makes no sense. A Zecco customer would be very profitable over the long run, and may spread the word about Zecco. Word of mouth is the most effective type of advertising, and it’s free. I guess Zecco is struggling to turn a decent profit, which also puts their $0 commission offer in jeopardy.

Does Anyone Else Find This Irrational? Next thing you know, Zecco will raise trading fees.


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