When to Sell Bitcoin: A Guide for Crypto Investors

Crypto investors always ask me the same question over and over again: When Should I Sell Bitcoin?

I never plan to sell my Bitcoin because I believe hyperbitcoinization will transform BTC into the global reserve currency by 2030. Of course, a lot of you guys don’t want to wait and may need to sell your Bitcoin for several reasons such as:

  • Medical bills
  • School Tuition
  • Purchasing a Home
  • Paying Off Debt
  • Helping a friend or Relative
  • Cutting Losses
  • etc

This guide will give you clear insight on when to sell your Bitcoin if you are a crypto beginner.

Study the Crypto Fear & Greed Index

A good reference point for selling is the Crypto Fear & Greed Index. It tracks the overall sentiment of the crypto markets on a daily basis.

Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

When the bar is in the red, that means there is a lot of fear in markets and may not be the best time to sell Bitcoin.


When the bar is in the green, that means there is a lot of excitement and greed going on in the crypto markets.

Buy Dips and Sell Rips

Buying the dip and selling the rip is common slang in the crypto trading community. Bitcoin is the dominant cryptocurrency that moves aggressively before other altcoins.

As of late, Bitcoin trades alongside the NASDAQ and S&P 500 due to all of the institutional investors trading Bitcoin. According to Coinbase statistics, institutional investors make up over 70% of crypto trading volume on Coinbase.

When Bitcoin falls in price, that is a good time to place your bets and buy Bitcoin.

When Bitcoin soars in price, that is a good time to sell your Bitcoin and take profits.


Take Profits During Bull Markets

Bitcoin follows a 4 year market cycle based on the Bitcoin halving that cuts the amount of mineable BTC in half ever 4 years.

Here’s a historical table tracking Bitcoin’s market cycles:

YearMarket Cycle
2018Bear Market
2019Bear Market
2020Bull Market
2021Bull Market
2022Bear Market
2023 PredictionBull Market
2024 PredictionBull Market
2025 PredictionBull Market

The best time to sell Bitcoin is around 1 year and a half into the bull market cycle or approximately 70,000 blocks after a Bitcoin halving event.

If you want to maximize long term profits then consider HODLing through the current bear market and selling your Bitcoin 70,000 blocks after the 4th Bitcoin halving, which is block # 840,000 or around October 2025.

Don’t Be Afraid to Sell Some Bitcoin and Enjoy Life

As much as I enjoy HODLing Bitcoin, I understand that life is short and sweet. It’s important to reward yourself by enjoying the fruits of your labs from time to time.


It’s perfectly fine to sell some Bitcoin to purchase a home, buy a new car, pay off your debts, or just treat yourself to a nice vacation.

Bitcoin was created to enhance your life and make things easier for you.

When I need quick cash, I personally prefer selling stocks before dipping into my Bitcoin stash. It’s all personal preference so sit down with your spouse or financial advisor to come to a reasonable decision.

What’s the best part about Bitcoin? You can buy it back later 24/7 365.


I enjoy HODLing Bitcoin and stacking sats with my Bitcoin Dollar Cost Averaging strategy. I have no plans to sell anytime soon but perhaps you want to sell Bitcoin and lock in some gains.


If you bought Bitcoin during the bull market and are sitting on losses then that’s a whole different subject.

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