What is Social Bookmarking? A Novice Guide to Web 2.0 Social Media Communities

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Social bookmarking is a web 2.0 method of sharing internet links with other users. Users bookmark (save) content that they find helpful, useful, or captivating on social bookmarking sites.

1. Connect with other bookmarkers and start conversations.
2. Highlight important material.
3. Save content for later use.
4. Send information directly to friends.
5. Drive traffic to your site/blog.

We feature four social bookmarking sites on this blog:

del.icio.us – Users tag favorite articles and save them for later use.
Digg – Vote for your favorite articles by “digging” them.
Furl – Save web pages as web files for later use.
reddit – Vote on your favorite articles by rating the listings up or down.

Save and Share Your Favorite Posts

When you like a post or think its highly valuable content, click on the social bookmarking links to share the article. The links can be found at the bottom of every post.

That's the basic explanation of social bookmarking. For more information on social bookmarking sites, Read 55 social bookmarking sites for blogs.

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