Watch List Additions: CTRP, DROOY, URME

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New Watch List Additions: CTRP, DROOY, URME

I added these stocks to my Fidelity watch list over the weekend:

  • International, Ltd (CTRP) – This Chinese booking agent sells tickets for airfare and hotel accommodations. Ctrip is a good play on the 2008 Beijing Olympics, which will drive consumer spending on travel booking services in China. Another good Chinese hotel accommodations stock is 2006 IPO of the Year, Home Inns & Hotels Management.
  • DRDGOLD Limited (DROOY) – The South African gold miner has watched its stock plummet over the past 6 months. What struck me was JP Morgan Chase Bank's 3 million+ plus stake in the company. Gold is still overpriced, but JP's interest piqued my interest!
  • Uranium Energy Corp. (URME.OB) – I found out about this stock via Superior Investor forums. The financials are pretty beat up as with most uranium small cap miners. Out of all the commodities, uranium is the most overlooked. Check out my list of top 10 uranium miners for mid to large cap uranium companies.

Update: DROOY's most recent ownership filings are listed on MSN Money. (Hat tip to GiaMa)

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