My Upromise review documents the step by step enrollment process for Upromise college fund members. After reviewing the signup process, I will provide recommendations on increasing your Upromise earning and how you can enroll today!

Best of all, it’s 100% free to sign up, and will lessen the burden of college expenses for yourself and/or children(grandchildren) over the long run.

Fill out Application to Enroll in Upromise College Fund

Unlike many incentive programs, Upromise requires a simple and short application to get you started. Here are the following steps:

  • Address Information – You must provide your current mailing address, Zipcode, and phone number to be reached at
  • Upromise Username and Password – Choose a unique username and 6-letter passcode to complete your login information.
  • Upromise Security Verification Code – You will be asked to enter a personal question and answer for password retrieval purposes. This will allow you to access your login details in case you forget them.
  • College Enrollment Question – Check the box if you are currently enrolled in graduate school or not. Simple!

This completes the first part of the enrollment application. Upon completion, you will proceed to the Citi Upromise card application. I don’t recommend signing up for this card initially because it’s rather insignificant. If you choose to apply for the credit card in the future, you may do so.

Remember to Register at Least 1 Credit Card or Debit Card

Important! This section is the most important of the application. You have to register at least 1 credit card/debit card in your Upromise account to begin accumulating savings for college. If you do not, you will not build up any earnings for investing in college tuition down the road.

Upromise is fairly flexible with the types of cards they accept. You can register:

  • credit cards
  • debit cards
  • grocery cards
  • retail shopping cards
  • Dining Cards
  • Charge cards

On their website, Upromise states the following:

Upromise is a free service, and by adding your credit, debit or grocery card means that you can begin saving money for college when you shop at participating retailers.

There are probably thousands of members who registered, yet forgot to add credit cards to their account. They think they are saving for college, but in reality their Upromise account remains zero. Not you! You already know better.

Shopping for Upromise Rewards

When you make a shopping purchase online, log into your Upromise account and click “online shopping” to automatically save between 1 to 25% of your final purchase for college. You can save with major shopping retailters like:,,,, etc.

There are over 500+ different online shopping websites to choose for. It’s a good idea to browse their Upromise’s entire shopping network to locate any online retailers you buy frequently from. That way, you’ll know exactly where to find them on Upromise’s site once you make any purchases.

Enroll Any Future Students on Your Upromise Account

In this next step, list any future college students who will become the beneficiaries of your Upromise account funds. If you’re saving for your son or daughter’s college education, simply enter their information in this section. You may also list cousins, stepchildren, and friends of the family as well.

Open a Upromise 529 Education Savings Investment Account

By opening a 529 College savings account, you receive the following benefits which help to grow your Upromise 529 savings over time:

  • Professional investment portfolio by Vanguard, founded by legendary index fund investor John Bogle.
  • Federal tax advantages (529 contributions are tax-deductible)
  • Low $20 annual balance fee + 0.65% of your balance – You can pay less by opening a 529 savings at your brokerage firm, but keeping all the accounts and assets under Upromise makes tracking your investments much easier

Maximize Your Savings by Utilizing the Upromise Resource Center

In addition to saving money for college, Upromise offers its members a helpful resource center full of informative articles on how to pay for college, save money for college, study for college prep, manage college debt repayments, etc. I recommend reading some of the articles if you’re green on saving and preparing for college. Salle Mae, one of the nation’s leading student loan lenders, provides most of this content, and it can save you time and agony in the future if you take this information seriously. The more you know, the better off you will be in the future.

Upromise Promotion Code Availability

Currently, there are no available upromise promotional codes, but I will add them to this page once I become aware of any Upromise promotions.

Final Ratings and Thoughts on Upromise

All ratings are scaled from 1 to 10, 10 being the best.

  • Usability: 9 – simple and easy to navigate. Upromise recently updated the theme, and it looks great!
  • Savings Benefits: 10 – Upromise is the single most respected college savings network in the world. You save on any and all credit card, debit card, and grocery card purchases as long as you shop with Upromise merchants.
  • Investments: 6 – Personally, I think the 0.65% expense ratio is a bit high. Tack on a $20 annual feee, and the fees will eat you alive unless you contribute a hefty amount to begin with. There are better 529 savings account options, but you don’t have to open a 529 account to take advantage of Upromise savings rewards.
  • Final Rating: 8 out of 10

If you are worried about future college costs and want to save money on daily expenses, I highly recommended you open a Upromise account today. It’s simple, and takes about 15 minutes total to complete the entire application. Many of the sections are optional as well.

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