Is Tradeking Safe? Is Tradeking a Scam?

TradeKing is one of the top online brokers that offer lowest fees and most traders we’re amazed on the $4.95 trades and a contract fee of $0.65.

However, this does mean TradeKing a scam? I will go over 4 key anti-theft measures that Tradeking uses to protect your investment accounts. If you want a more in-depth look on Tradeking, read my TradeKing Review.

Insure Your Assets with TradeKing’s $500k SPIC Protection

When it comes to security and privacy of your account, you can trust TradeKing. This online broker is legitimate as they are a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) that covers protection for accounts for around $500,000 (including $100,000 for claims of cash) according toSIPC rules. Does it mean they are 100% legit because they’re in, the SIPC? Most probably, but there are other bases you can prove that TradeKing is not a scam.

Prevent Identity Theft with TradeKing’s 256 Bit SSL Security

TradeKing is also very much aware on how many scams exist on the Internet, and they’re doing a quiet job well in protecting your information, assets and your account from possible malware like key-loggers. With the help of 256-bit SSLsecurity, you are sure your login information and account information is well protected. They also implement a new pop-up security every time you login to your account so that spy ware, hackers and Internet thieves cannot steal your information. This is great, because you are confident your assets are safe, and it gives you peace of mind.

Avoid Computer Hackers with TradeKing’s On Screen Keypad Entry

In addition, TradeKing gives you security questions and on-screen keypad for password entry. Not only that, they also offer two options to establish separate passwords: one for accessing your account information while the another password is for placing trades and other confidential transactions such as fund transfers for a sure security. You can also register specific computers so you won’t need to answer security questions everytime you access your account using those computers.

Thered is also a limitation on failed login attempts, once a set number for unsuccessful login attempts are reach, Tradeking will automatically block access to your account to protect your account from unauthorized users. For a reason that you forget your own password, and you exceed the limit on failed logins, you can contact Customer representative and after series of investigation to check that there is no unauthorized activity happened in your account, it will restore and you can start trading again.

Prevent Third Part Users from Accessing Your Accounts

To secure your personal information if ever you forgot to logoff, Tradeking will automatically log you off after a period of inactivity. Don’t worry! You can set the time of your automatic logoff, from 30 minutes up to 180 minutes.

Therefore, TradeKing is not a scam, it’s a broker you can trust to handle your major investments. Offering lowest rates doesn’t mean they are a scam. In fact, because of their low commissions, full trading features and excellent customer service, it makes this TradeKing a broker choice for new investors.

To learn more about Tradeking, Open a TradeKing account to learn more.