TradeKing Reimbursement Pays $150 to Cover Your Account Transfer Fees


TradeKing, one of the best online discount stock brokers, offers to reimburse new TradeKing account holders up to $150 in account transfer fees when you transfer your assets from your previous broker to TradeKing. This will help ease the pain that you often feel once your previous broker charges you a hefty fee to literally cancel your account. Thanks TradeKing 🙂

To claim your TradeKing reimbursement funds, Follow these 4 steps:

  1. Open your TradeKing account
  2. Complete and print a TradeKing Asset Transfer Form
  3. Mail or fax the signed TradeKing Asset Transfer Form to TradeKing along with a copy of your most recent statement from your previous brokerage
  4. Request your account transfer reimbursement by faxing a copy of your account statement with proof of the transfer charge to TradeKing at US +1  (561) 988-0131

For more information, Click here to visit the TradeKing website.