Tradeking Offers Investors $150 Cashback


Tradeking announced that it will reimburse investors up to $150 in transfer fees if you switch to Tradeking. SmartMoney’s #1 rated online broker gives investors another huge incentive to switch from traditional full service brokerage houses to a more affordable and accessible trading house.

Why would you want to switch to a discount broker?

During highly volatile market conditions, you can increase your investment returns by simply reducing costs. You cannot dictate which way your investments will go, but you can limit the amount of money spent to acquire these investments. Tradeking charges $4.95 per Stock/ETF trade regardless of trade size. In 2009, more investors will realize that the gap between discount online brokers vs traditional full service brokers is becoming smaller and smaller. If you want more information on Tradeking, read a complete review of Tradeking here.

How to Get Your Broker Refund from Tradeking

  1. Open a new account or if you already have an account, log in.
  2. Complete and print an Account Transfer Form.
  3. Mail or fax the signed Transfer Form to TradeKing along with a copy of your most recent statement (from your previous broker).
  4. Request your account transfer reimbursement by faxing a copy of your account statement with proof of the transfer charge to 561.988.0131.


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