Top 10 Crypto Youtube Channels to Watch in 2022

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10. Crypto World (41k subscribers)

Crypto World uploads daily crypto content with a focus on technical analysis and future price movements. Josh is one of the young, upcomers Youtubers in the cryptoverse.

9. Bitcoin Family (51k subscribers)

Bitcoin Family made news headlines when the founder sold everything he owned to buy Bitcoin several years ago. Now, he travels the world with his family and vlogs about Bitcoin news and price predictions every day.

8. Token Metrics (82k subscribers)

Token Metrics is a popular crypto channel led by Ian who runs a popular crypto trading service for investors.

7. Davincij15 (248k subscribers)

Davincij is famous for posting a video urging people to buy Bitcoin when it was $1 many years ago. He focuses mostly on Bitcoin price predictions for the future and general talk within the cryptoverse.

6. InvestAnswers (175k subscribers)

InvestAnswers provides in-depth, well researched crypto content that focuses on building wealth by holding crypto assets over the long run. It’s one of the more technical and insight channels on Youtube.


5. Satoshi Stacker (200k subscribers)

Satoshi Stacker focuses on insightful crypto news and analysis videos. His audience is mostly Bitcoin maximalists who believe in stacking Bitcoin and a few other altcoins.

4. Anthony Pompliano (207k subscribers)

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is a well known Bitcoin maxi who uploads highly insightful crypto content and publishes a daily newsletter called “The Pomp Letter.”

3. Benjamin Cowen (400k subscribers)

Benjamin Cowen posts insight crypto analysis on popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum with a focus on technical analysis to predict future prices. He is one of the few cryptocurrency channels that doesn’t display ads on his videos. He generates the bulk of his economy through his private newsletter,

2. Altcoin Daily (800k subscribers)

Altcoin Daily posts several videos a day with a focus on altcoins like Ethereum, Cardano, and other speculative cryptocurrencies.

1. Bitboy Crypto (1.1 million subscribers)

Bitboy Crypto is the largest cryptocurrency Youtuber in terms of total subs. He uploads 2 to 3 times per day and hosts a live stream every weekday between 11am and 1pm.