The Top Information Security Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

As an investor, a business owner, or just someone who uses financial services on laptops and mobile devices, we often forget just how important it is to have good security measures to protect personal information. Over 80% of our financial information and personal details are stored digitally; necessary steps need to be taken to protect them.

Unfortunately, the majority of users still don’t take information security seriously enough. Even worse, a large portion of that user group regularly make mistakes that can jeopardize their entire financial life. Here are the top three information security mistakes many people still make and how you can easily avoid them.

Unsecured Passwords

Despite plenty of warnings and a massive awareness campaign by the government and service providers, many users still use unsecured, weak passwords to protect important accounts. Using ‘12345678’ to make logging into Facebook easy is one thing; using that same password for your online banking account is definitely a big NO.

Using the same password for all accounts is also a big mistake, even when the password is relatively strong and difficult to crack. If one account falls, the rest of your digital life will fall shortly after, including access to your bank and investment accounts.

If you can’t – or don’t want to – remember long and secure passwords, there are apps that allow you to organize and manage passwords effectively. Apps such as 1-Password will even work across multiple devices, so you can have strong and unique passwords for all of your accounts and only need to remember one to access them all.

Unsecured Devices

Modern devices pamper users with a wealth of conveniences. Browsers can automatically log in to sites using smart security features. Financial apps can automatically connect to banks and update your account balance. If you’ve been reading the posts we have here on Investor Trip, you’ll know that accessing even the most exclusive financial services and investment opportunities are now easy with the help of laptops and smartphones.

Unfortunately, we often forget to secure our devices. Phones are left without proper pins or fingerprint security. We let our computers stay on even when unattended just because we don’t want to wait for it to wake up or power on when we return. Whether you realize it or not, these are security risks that expose you to potentially serious problems. Data loss is another threat to worry about, especially if you rely heavily on your devices to remember logins and passwords.

Solving Security Issues

These issues are easy to solve. You just have to activate the fingerprint or password security on your devices. Don’t leave your phone or computers unattended and make sure you can remotely wipe sensitive information and lock the device when it gets stolen. As for data loss, you can find a trustworthy phone or lap top data recovery service to help you.

As you can see, the most common security mistakes are actually very simple, but that doesn’t mean they’re less dangerous. Take the necessary steps and avoid making the same mistakes for a more secure digital and financial life.

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