The Renaissance of Alladvantage: AGLOCO

Alladvantage has returned under a new web 2.0 name and look: AGLOCO. Why did Alladvantage make a comeback? Because management finally got it right the 2nd time around.

Back in 2000, the internet was evolving into a large commercial vehicle. E-commerce sites began popping up everywhere, and consumers now were faced with more reasons to spend their dollars. New sites launched; Companies expanded their market shares, and investors poured millions into the stocks of these novel firms.

And then the bubble burst. Alas, dot coms were on the brink on making profits, but their stocks were too overvalued. The crash came, and wiped out a lot of the big players. One of the heavy hitters was Alladvantage.

Alladvantage Company Information

AllAdvantage was an Internet advertising company that positioned itself as the world�s first “infomediary” by paying its users/members a portion of the advertising revenue generated by their online viewing habits.[1] It became most well known for its slogan “Get Paid to Surf the Web,” a phrase that has since become synonymous with a wide array of online ad revenue sharing systems (see, e.g., Paid to Surf).

AllAdvantage was launched on March 31, 1999, by Jim Jorgensen, Johannes Pohle, Carl Anderson, and Oliver Brock. During its nearly 2 years of operation, it raised nearly $200 Million in venture capital and grew to more than 10 million members in its first 18 months of operation. [2] The company’s practice of compensating existing members for referring new members led it to become one of the most heavily promoted websites of its time. That popularity was reflected in the ranking of among the top 20 of many website traffic indices during most of the company’s existence, including Nielsen//NetRatings. [3] [4] (Source: Wikipedia)

The idea of getting paid to surf the web made sense to a lot of internet users, including myself. The thought of getting paid to do absolutely nothing is almost as intriguing as getting paid to do nothing at work. After reading the company guidelines, my inner locomotive provoked a quick download and installation of the Alladvantage tool bar on my desktop.

Alladvantage = Easy Money

This is easy money,” I figured. And who could argue?

That’s exactly how Alladvantage presented their tool bar to new members. It was a get rich quick scheme that had little foundation or future prospects. Members were motivated by the easy income, and their member base grew exponentially with little backlash. When members surfed the web, Alladvantage supported their claims, and paid us handsomely.

Then the word began to spread like bubonic plague. Everyone’s mother and sister downloaded that static tool bar, and Alladvantage started thinking bigger.

Talks of an Alladvantage IPO

What about an IPO? Subscribership was over 10 million, and revenue had eclipsed the $200 million benchmark. Maybe Alladvantage can evolve into more than “Get rich quick scheme” after all.

Then, the fatal error revealed itself. Alladvantage started out as a “paid for doing nothing scheme”, yet through instant success attempted to evolve into a business.

Did management expect that type of domestic response? I’m convinced neither Jim Jorgensen nor his partners ever imagined grossing $200 million+ in less than 2 years. Wall street knew this as well. The IPO was doomed from its birth. As the IPO slowly crumbled, dreams of a successful Paid to Surf business model withered away.

Great Idea, Bad Management

At the end, Alladvantage paid over $120 million to its members. Now that’s odd. If the company generated over $200 million and paid out $120 million, where did the remaining $80 run off to?

Advertisements were bringing in large earnings, but management misused the retain earnings from advertisements. They invested in an IPO too quickly. There was a false inference in company stability. 10 million members is a large number, but out of the 1 billion internet users worldwide, Alladvantage reached only 1% of the global internet users.

Why not expand your subscriber base before issuing an IPO? Then let patience, time, and a large member network propel your business to new heights.

Management went back to the drawing board to reorganize this whole getting paid to surf deal, and then AGLOCO was born.

AGLOCO: The Web 2.0 version of Alladvantage

AGLOCO is the renaissance of a poorly managed web business. I’m incredibly impressed with the management’s patience the 2nd time around. Building a large network before issuing an IPO is the proper way to promote AGLOCO. I wish management had realized this 5 years ago.

Another improvement is allowing members to purchase shares of the company. It’s brilliant. Instead of letting wall street dictate the value of AGLOCO shares, put AGLOCO members in the driver’s seat. Shares will be traded on the London stock exchange, which prevents any US interference in case of a web 2.0 crash. But seriously, That’s highly unlikely given that web 2.0 companies are generating real profits you can see and feel. Those impression ads (CPM) over at Digg aren’t paying peanuts.

The Golden Key: Your Referral Network

AGLOCO reinvented itself for the better, and best of all, it’s not too late to get in on the action. John Chow referred over 10,000 members, and made an astounding $25,000 from Alladvantage before it died.

The key is referrals. If you refer just 10 people, who then refer another 5 people each, your earnings can soar into the thousands. AGLOCO even provides a referral calculator for our inner greed.

If you want to refer someone to the program, swap your my user id BBBK0333 with yours.

My referral link is as shown:

High Expectations for AGLOCO

I can only imagine the earnings possibility with AGLOCO. Who knows, AGLOCO shares may carry more value than actual payouts. And when international web surfers get a taste of “Paid for Surf” fun, this company will take off and never look back. I expect great things from AGLOCO, and as a member can hardly wait for that toolbar to launch.

Launch day will change the way we surf the internet forever.

Sign up for AGLOCO, and Join the revolution!

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