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“It's not what you know, but who you know” – Famous Adage

We acquired a free contact manager for small business individuals, company employees, bloggers, and freelancers called KeepM.

KeepM was created to solve many of the following problems:

  • Do you have tons of business cards lying around unorganized?
  • Do you ever waste time searching for people's information?
  • Are you maximizing your personal and business network?

With KeepM, you can:

  • store unlimited contacts
  • import/export contacts from Gmail or Vcards
  • add notes and tags to organize your contacts
  • plus much more

We investors can especially benefit from KeepM because staying connected with friends, family, and your business network will always lead to more interesting investment opportunities. The big shots on Wall Street are well connected; How well are you connected?

Visit KeepM now to Manage Your Contacts Online Simply and 100% Free

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