What's Your Opinion on TD Ameritrade?

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The following comment was left on the post, “Which Roth IRA is Best for Your Retirement?

A reader of Investor Trip asked about the quality of TD Ameritrade's online trading services. He or she seeks a few testimonials on TD Ameritrade's quality of service and costs. I quoted the exact question from the past post here.

AgentSully said:

anyone have experience with TD Ameritrade? Is their service good? Sometimes with so many mergers and corp changes, it can change their service levels. Just wondering. thx

Since I have zero experience with TD Ameritrade, I'm asking readers who either own an existing account currently or did so in the past to share their opinions on TD Ameritrade.

Before TD Waterhouse and Ameritrade merged, I heard good things about Ameritrade especially, but as AgentSully noted, mergers can really mix things up.

*Update: You can write your personal reviews of TD Ameritrade at AwardWinningBrokers.

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