TD Ameritrade Brokerage Review

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TD Ameritrade

Here’s the skinny on TD Ameritrade:

  • Account Minimum: $2,000
  • Automatic Investing: NO
  • Real-time market orders: $9.99 each
  • Real-time limit orders: $9.99 each
  • Share Max per Trade: N/A
  • Automatic Daily Investing: NO
  • Inactivity Fees: None
  • Fractional shares: NO
  • Promotional Code and Offer:

TD Ameritrade is currently offering commission free trades for 45 Days when you fund your account with $2,000. Also get a free $100 when you fund your account with $25,000.

Bottom Line:

  • Investing with $25,000 or more: Try Bank of America instead.
  • Investing with $5,000 or more: TD Ameritrade may be right for you.
  • Investing with less than $5,000: Try Sogo Invest.

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