10 Best Cheap Stocks Under $5

Are you looking for cheap stocks under $5 to buy right now?

Stocks that trade under $5 are known as penny stocks that carry higher risks than bigger, more established companies. We also covered other growth stocks to buy including the best growth stocks under $10, best growth stocks under $20, and best growth stocks under $50.

Best Stocks Under $5

Company (Ticker)YTD Performance (As of Nov. 11 2023)
HIVE Blockchain (HIVE)106%
CleanSpark (CLSK)86%
OppFI (OPFI)22%
Urban One (UONE)-14%
Blade (BLDE)-5%
Matterport (MTTR)-7%
Luminar Technologies (LAZR)-32%
Lucid Group (LCID)-38%
Chargepoint (CHPT)-70%
Bitcoin Depot (BTM)-74%

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