Best Stocks Under $10

Best Stocks Under $10

Investing in growth stocks under $10 is one of the easiest ways to grow your stock portfolio quickly. These companies have a smaller market cap than popular large cap stocks such as Tesla (TSLA) or Apple (APPL) with high potential to grow into larger companies in the future.

It’s possible that some of these stocks could triple in price over the next 6 to 12 months due to several factors including new product releases, lowering of interest rates by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, Bitcoin halving events, etc.

Other stocks on this list are in early stages of revenue growth but have massive long-term potential over the next 5 to 10 years.

Since most of these stocks have high volume, you can day trade them or sell covered calls to generate passive income while you wait for the stock to soar in value.

Best Growth Stocks Under $10 to Buy Right Now

Here are my top growth stocks under $10 that I’m watching.

Stock (Ticker)YTD Performance (As of Nov 11 2023)
Marathon Digital (MARA)182%
Joby Aviation (JOBY)51%
SoFI (SOFI)54%
Archer Aviation (ACHR)50%
NerdWallet (NRDS)25%
AMC Entertainment (AMC)-73%
Beyond Meat (BYND)-44%

2. Joby Aviation (JOBY)

Joby Aviation is a leader in the eVTOL and plans to launch its air taxi service in 2024. The company partnered with Toyota to scale its eVTOL production and Uber to generate revenue from its air taxi service.

Joby is an early mover in the eVTOL and is one of my favorite growth stocks under $5 right now.

2. Blade Air Mobility (BLDE)

Blade Air Mobility is the first eVTOL American company to go public on the NASDAQ and they are primed for a massive revenue boost as more people embrace the ease and comfort of urban air travel in the future.

The company is an early adopter in the urban air mobility movement and already generates $29 million in annual revenue, which is far ahead of its competitors like Joby Aviation and Archer Aviation.

Blade offers an asset-light business model that makes booking an electric aircraft easy and safe. Right now, the company plans to add more eVTOLs to its fleet and scale revenue and bookings well into the future.


eVTOL will become a huge industry this decade and Blade is one of my favorite EVTOL stocks to load up on before retail investors FOMO in.

3. Canoo (GOEV)

Canoo was one of my favorite high growth EV stocks in the beginning of 2021 until the management changed its business model as the company attempts to disrupt the growing electric vehicle market.

Canoo will launch their flagship EV model later this year with plans for future models in the future.

There is a lot of growth potential for Canoo as more people embrace EVs and spend more time inside their cars doing things other than driving.

One of the reasons I like Canoo so much is that they produce the perfect vehicle for the autonomous driving revolution.


Due to its massive interior space, you can do many things inside the Canoo other than driving.

4. Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

Aurora Cannabis is the largest medical marijuana company in Canada but the company continues to struggle with growing competition and a lack of positive US federal Cannabis laws.

I believe Cannabis will eventually be legalized in the United States at some point considering the war against drugs wastes billions of federal resources and locks up millions of innocent people over the years.

Aurora also owns one of the top CBD oil e-commerce brands, Reliva, in North America.

5. Grab (GRAB)

Grab is a ride sharing and delivery company based out of Singapore with a huge footprint in SE Asia. The company continues innovating with its app that offers everything from grocery delivery to financial services.


GRAB stock is a solid buy if you want exposure to the emerging Southeast Asian economy.

6. SoFi (SOFI)

SoFi is a fintech online banking app that’s geared towards the younger generation. The company has over 4 million members and aims to disrupt the legacy banking industry by offering an all-in-one suite of financial solutions including high yield checking & savings, investing, and loans services.

7. Arrival (ARVL)

Arrival is a UK based EV maker that plans to launch its electric delivery vans in 2023.

8. Hut8 (HUT)

Hut 8 is a Canadian Bitcoin mining company with one of the largest BTC holdings on its balance sheet out of all publicly traded miners.

9. Jumia (JMIA)

Jumia is the “Amazon of Africa” and plans to bring fast online e-commerce and food delivery to the continent.


10. Archer Aviation (ACHR)

Archer is my 2nd favorite eVTOL maker behind Joby that has its own plans to launch an air taxi network in 2024.

11. Vertical Aerospace (EVTL)

Vertical Aerospace is a British eVTOL company that plans to make an eVTOL aircraft for major airline companies such as American Airlines.

12. Hempacco (HPCO)

Hempacco is a hemp cigarette company that plans to disrupt the Tobacco cig industry with its healthier hemp-based alternative. Read my HPCO stock price prediction for more details.

13. Thredup (TDUP)

Thredup is second hand resale clothing company that offers brand new items for women & kids at discount prices. This company could disrupt the retail market as consumers search for deals during the current high inflationary period.

14. Urban One (UONE)

Urban One is the largest African-american media company in the United States that plans to open a Casino resort in Richmond, Virginia. The company lost its 2021 Richmond vote but plans to submit a 2nd bid in 2023.


15. PaySafe (PSFE)

PaySafe is the parent company of Skrill, a cheaper alternative to Paypal.

16; Bakkt (BKKT)

Bakkt offers crypto based banking services to its customers. This company could disrupt the crypto industry by making Bitcoin more easily accessible.

17. SimilarWeb (SWEB)

SimilarWeb is a web traffic & analytics company that helps businesses learn more about their online web visitors. Since Amazon retired Alexa in 2022, I believe SimilarWeb has the opportunity to grow marketshare.

18. eHang (EH)

eHang is a Chinese based eVTOL company with plans to operate its air taxi service in the future. This is a long term gamble on Asia’s urban air travel economy.

19. FuboTV (FUBO)

FuboTV is an online streaming subscription company that provides paid TV & sports channels on its app. As more consumers cut the cord, I think FuboTV could grow its revenues.


20. Purple Innovation (PRPL)

Purple Innovation is a mattress company that aims to improve the way we sleep. A night’s sleep on a Purple mattress is apparently an amazing experience.

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