3 Best Growth Stocks Under $10 to Buy for May 2022

Looking for the best stocks to buy under $10?

What are Growth Stocks?

Stocks under $10 are some of the cheap equity investments available with some of the largest upside potential.

That’s because cheaper stocks tend to have a smaller market cap and bigger growth potential.

A $10 stock can 10x and reach $100, giving you massive upside along with more growth potential down the road.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of my favorite cheaper stocks that can soar to much higher stock prices in the future.

Best Stocks Under $10

TickerCompany NameLast PriceMarket Cap
BLDEBlade Air Mobility7.1503.2M
JOBYJoby Aviation5.162.2B
AMCAMC Theatres10.395.4B
SMWBSimilar Web9.04681.6M
SFTShift Technologies0.9177.2M


Blade Air Mobility is the first eVTOL American company to go public on the NASDAQ and they are primed for a massive revenue boost as more people embrace the ease and comfort of urban air travel in the future.

The company is an early adopter in the urban air mobility movement and already generates $29 million in annual revenue, which is far ahead of its competitors like Joby Aviation and Archer Aviation.

Blade offers an asset-light business model that makes booking an electric aircraft easy and safe. Right now, the company plans to add more eVTOLs to its fleet and scale revenue and bookings well into the future.

eVTOL will become a huge industry this decade and Blade is one of my favorite EVTOL stocks to load up on before retail investors FOMO in.


Canoo was one of my favorite high growth EV stocks in the beginning of 2021 until the management changed its business model as the company attempts to disrupt the growing electric vehicle market.

Canoo will launch their flagship EV model later this year with plans for future models in the future.

There is a lot of growth potential for Canoo as more people embrace EVs and spend more time inside their cars doing things other than driving.

One of the reasons I like Canoo so much is that they produce the perfect vehicle for the autonomous driving revolution.

Due to its massive interior space, you can do many things inside the Canoo other than driving.

Aurora Cannabis (ACB)

Aurora Cannabis is the largest medical marijuana company in Canada but the company continues to struggle with growing competition and a lack of positive US federal Cannabis laws.

I believe Cannabis will eventually be legalized in the United States at some point considering the war against drugs wastes billions of federal resources and locks up millions of innocent people over the years.

Aurora also owns one of the top CBD oil e-commerce brands, Reliva, in North America.

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