Stock Market Games for Beginner Investors

Stock market games are great tools for beginner investors because it costs you nothing to sign up and play. With the internet at our grasps, you don't have to invest real money to become an experienced stock market investor. Fantasy stock market games provide all the real traits of the stock market without the added risk.

Advantages of Fantasy Stock Market Trading Games

1. Fantasy stock market games cost you nothing.

2. You get to purchase stocks that trade on major stock market indices at no risk.

3. You may buy or sell as much as you like in the fantasy stock market. No commissions or account minimums to worry about.

5. Some fantasy stock market games award cash prizes to monthly and/or yearly stock market winners.

I still use my virtual stock market account at Virtual Stock Exchange, a MarketWatch production. Here's a list of other fantasy stock market games around the web:

  • Investopedia's Stock Market Simulator Game – You start out with $100,000 dollars of fantasy stock market cash, and go from there.
  • Stock Trak – A stock market simulator that's used by many universities across the world.

Further Reading on Online Stock Market Games:

  • Stock Market Games – lists 7 other free stock market games. I listed the best ones on the web, but there are tons of fantasy stock market simulators out there. Pick your favorites, and start playing!

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