Stock Market Charts at The Bull Trader

After becoming a member of ReviewMe months ago, I finally bagged my first site review. In fact, Johns Wu, operator of The Bull Trader who ordered this review, is a member of Investors Blog Network as well. So without further ado, I present a snapshot of one of our network's own stock trading blog.

Founders of The Bull Trader

Johns Wu, an undergrad at Cal-Berkeley, founded The Bull Trader back in 2005. He stands as the lead editor, and collaborates with a team of five inspired stock market bloggers: Brett Goldstein, Stephan AbrahamI, Denis LamI, Mark WuI, and Keidric Wong. The Bull trader shows why working together as a team, while pursuing a universal goal, always pays off in the long run. It's been a pleasure to witness the transformation of Johns Wu's blog over the past 2 years.

Stock Market Charts @ The Bull Trader

Let's Dig into Stock Charts

Of course, the blog is known for its rugged technical stock chart analysis. The team at The Bull Trader favors technical stock analysis over fundamentals, and annotates every stock chart to delineate their points of view.

Example: GOOG Earnings Call

GOOG Analysis Chart

From the chart, contributor Steve Abraham points out that, “Last quarter the stock ran up before earnings but could not break the $513 mark which I have circled as resistance for the stock. I think the stock is cheap relative to 2008 forward earnings.” Considering that Google just spent $3 billion to purchase Double Click, Google shares selling at $513 probably stands an earnings call or two away.

Aside from an interesting Google analysis, I found these stock market posts that deserve a read:

Johns Wu Fundamental Insights

Maybe I'm biased towards day traders, but I immediately connected with many of Johns Wu entries because he incorporates fundamentals into all his blog posts. I would like to see more fundamental insight from Johns Wu and the rest of The Bull Trader contributors.

Wu introduced the Interactive Brokers IPO (IBKR) to readers, however I caution those who considered buying into the initial public offering. There are accounts that Interactive Brokers shortchanged American investors by failing to deposit ADR dividends for American stock holders. Maybe Interactive Brokers should prepare for a potential lawsuit, rather than a glorious IPO.

Suggestion: Improve the Forums

A wise blogger once told me that maintaining a content rich site is more important than running a lackluster forum. From the looks of the Bull Trader forums, it's a recipe for spam and fraud. I would post a few screenshots, but who wants to see visual evidence of “Free porn all adult sex toy review?” My advice to the guys at The Bull trader is either hire a forum manager to properly maintain the forums or ditch the whole operation altogether. Forums act as a luxury; not a necessity.

Final Thoughts

Overall, The Bull Trader provides daily stock market charts for keen investors and traders. This blog is for investors who crave a mix of technical and fundamental analysis, along with the antics from 4 undergraduate California college students.

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