Singapore Student Loses $700k in 3 Months

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If you think losing 4% of your portfolio is bad, try swallowing $700,000 in losses in only 3 months.

Sometimes Success Comes Too Quickly

The February 27th global market sell off caused his drastic Singapore stock market losses. When the engineering student turned $100k into $110k within days, his greed for money grew and grew. Ironically, most of his gains were made in virtual stock market accounts. Virtual stock accounts are beneficial when used for educational purposes, but once you equate fantasy to reality, things get messy.

Prime Suspect: Straits Times Index (^STI)

The upward trend of the Straits Time Index was extremely deceiving, and if you bought into the index based on the charts, you were in for a big surprise. As the hackneyed adage goes, “what goes up must come down.”

Straits Times Index 3 Month Chart

The volatile nature of indices such as Straits Times Index is one reason why I'm investing in T-bills, high yielding savings accounts, and Prosper at the moment (aside from my Roth IRA 2006 contributions).

Which alternative investments are you pursuing during these current stock market conditions?

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