Should You Buy Tesla (TSLA) Stock?

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Tesla (TSLA) Stock is one of the hottest tech stocks around with a massive market cap of over $600 billion and was included in the S&P 500 last year. There are many reasons to own Tesla stock and the recent 5 to 1 stock split should increase interest in shares through the future.

Here’s a simple list of reasons why I think Tesla stock is a strong buy:

  • Great Products: Customers love Tesla’s products. They are known as the Apple of electric cars.
  • Sound Management: Elon Musk is a really smart guy and sets the tone for innovation at Tesla. As long as he remains CEO, Tesla shares should increase over time.
  • Finally Profitable: Tesla is now profitable and incluson into the S&P 500 will do wonders for the stock price because institutional investors must buy the stock for their index tracking funds.
  • Solar is the Future: Our dependence on oil will lessen throughout the decade. Society moves towards clean solar energy.

Tesla is one of the top returning stocks so far this decade recording a massive 600% return in 2020. New innovations like the Cybertruck will also add a lot of revenue growth for shareholders.

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