Should I Put All of My Savings in Tesla Stock?

Should I Put All of My Savings in Tesla Stock?

Putting all your savings in Tesla stock could pay off handsomely if the company continues increasing revenue, net income, and free cash flow.

Tesla Stock is Up 800% Over the Last 5 Years.

So far, it’s paid off for early Tesla investors. TSLA shares are up 800+% over the last 5 year and many early Tesla bulls have been able to retire early thanks to their impressive gains.

You would have done much better by investing in Tesla stock than a standard S&P 500 ETF or index fund.

In fact, Tesla stock have outperformed the majority of all asset classes over the last 5 years. Now, past returns do not predict the future but the good news is that Tesla has an impressive track record over the last 13 years since going public.

Asset5 Year Returns
Tesla (TSLA)818%
Bitcoin (BTC)109%
S&P 500 (SPY)57%

Don’t Paper Hand When Tesla Stock Dips if You Go All-in

Many Tesla bears make the mistake of paper handing their TSLA stock and selling whenever some negative news article or story gets published. Tesla is the best stock to own this decade and you will be better off ignoring the media and HODLing your shares for the long run.


I’ve regretted selling TSLA stock every single time because the company continues to grow much faster than its peers.

Buying Tesla Stock Now Could Make You a Millionaire by 2030

You could also become rich by investing your savings into Tesla stock and playing the waiting game. My 2030 Tesla stock price target is $5,000 and you could potentially become a millionaire if you start investing now.

Invest Some of Your Savings in Tesla Stock If You Believe in The Company

It’s a bit risky to get all-in on Tesla stock but several Tesla bulls have become rich doing so. At least put aside a portion of your savings in Tesla stock to benefit from its impressive CAGR returns.

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