Shocking Reality of High Gas Prices

Coming Soon to Your Neighborhood

2008 US Gas Prices

Everyone has an opinion on how to lower gas prices. People have resorted to:

But the Historical Gasoline Price charts don't lie.

Historical US Gas Price Chart from 1972 to 2008

US Historical Gasoline Price Charts

Considering that US gasoline prices now have reverted to historical price levels circa 1980, I think Gasoline prices will rise as long as the US dollar loses value in comparison to the rest of the world's major currencies.

Historical US Dollar Index Chart from 1972 to 2008

US Historical Dollar Index Chart

What's Going on With the Relationship Between the US Dollar and Gasoline Prices?

When the US dollar rises in value, gasoline becomes cheaper.

When the US dollar loses value, gasoline becomes more expensive.

Gas Price Solution: Increase the Value of the US Dollar

One of the main keys to increasing the value of the US greenback is to fix the trade deficit issue. The Current US Trade deficit is $247 billion dollars. This means that we import a surplus of $247 billion worth of goods than we export.

And when these foreign economies continue to receive an abundance of US dollars, naturally they become less valuable to them (basic supply and demand theory).

Our Solution: Promote US Business Once Again!

Made in USA Flag

Buying products “Made in the USA” is a great way to support the revival of the US Dollar. However, The USA has become lazy/greedy, and outsourcing has destroyed the value of our greenbacks (Think about Nike outsourcing goods from Eastern Asia to Sell in US Stores). The USA must produce products that foreigners want to buy. That is the only safe way to increase the value of our dollars. Otherwise, Foreign economies will drop the US Dollar like it's hot.

What's the Worst Case Scenario?

You tell me. Discuss.

Expensive Gas

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