How the Sentencing Reform Can Affect Your Community and Investment

There is no doubt that the Sentencing Reform Act of 2015 is a necessary piece of regulation. Federal and state prisons are already overcrowded due to the old 100:1 ratio and mandatory sentencing law and there is so much to be gained from releasing low-level inmates who were convicted under the old law. The biggest concern about this sentencing reform, however, is whether the release of inmates will affect communities and the climate for investments and economic growth.

Studies compiled by the Portland State University and the criminal justice degree program suggest that the social impact of the sentencing reform is much lower than anticipated. Only 14% of convicted inmates were leaders in drug-related organizations and even less than that have a history of violence. In fact, experts believe that longer mandatory sentences will only increase the chances of future crimes.

Read the complete infographic from to understand more about this sentencing reform.

An infographic about federal sentencing reform from Portland State University online.
Portland State University Online Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice

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