How the Rich Get Wealthy

I recently read this article and found it very inspirational. The Forbes article posts a timeline for fourteen entrepreneurs, all self-made billionaires. Each businessman gives his response to a serious of very precise questions like “What was your first job?” or “How often do you read?” The responses are staggering.

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks who founded and sold to AOL for $5 billion, sold garbage bags door to door when he was twelve. Imagine that! He also spends on average six hours a day reading various articles, newspapers, online sources, but the average out of the fourteen is around 1-2 hours or so. This number is easily achievable, but what differs these gazillionaires from the average citizen is their concept of the idea and execution. If it were that easy to implement these crucial concepts, I’d blog from the deck of my million dollar yacht instead of my bedroom desk.

This article is a nice read with lots of juicy information. It also has a slide show that runs automatically. So sit back, watch, learn, and hopefully become wealthy.