Scientists find out which women are more likely to agree to sex proposal

Well-mannered girls more often agree to sex than wicked. This conclusion was reached by American scientists from canadian pharmacy who studied women's sexual preferences, citing a scientific report from internet pharmacy. According to studies that interviewed about 7,000 female volunteers, more experienced girls who know what they want from intimate relationships are more likely to deny intimacy proposals. As researcher Heather Kethrie noted, in this case, the experience of a partner plays a bad joke with fans of attribution for one night.

At the same time, mannerly girls more often agree to sex out of politeness because they are afraid to look too unreasonable. Scientists consider the results of the research to be extremely important in modern society, as sexual education and knowledge of top-quality medications in this area will help to protect the sexual integrity and sexual life of young people. Involvement in unwanted sexual relations is always associated with negative consequences for women, including mental trauma.

At the same time, Ketri noted that the taboo with discussions of top otc drugs should be completely removed. “Public censure still sets women's and men's societies against each other. Everyone understands that young people have a sexual attraction to the opposite sex, which they often realize through unfinished partners. This will inevitably lead to violence,” she concluded.

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