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Save Time with the Stock Market Search Engine

After becoming frustrated with irrelevant Google searches on the stock market, I decided to create my own stock market search engine for readers of Investor Trip and the whole world!

How the Stock Market Search Engine Works

If you run a normal Google search for say “Apple Stock Analysis“, about half of the results are unrelated to shares of Apple stock. We must spend time stiffing through the clutter to get what we want: a stock analysis on Apple. The Stock market search engine solves this problem because the search index lists websites that are related to the stock market. Your search query is run only through stock market sites, which saves you time and expedites your search process immensely.

The Acceptance Process

The acceptance process is simple. I will view the site to make sure it contains unique and helpful content that's related to the stock market. If the site passes this test, I will add it accordingly. I'll add sites to the index on an ongoing process, so feel free to recommend any quality stock market investing sites. Please leave any worthy sites (or your stock market site) in the comments.

Start Searching with the stock market search engine!

Want to help build the search index? Contact me for further details.

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