How to Save $1,500 By Pocketing Pennies

After a long day of running errands, I more often than not have nothing to show but a little pocket change. It's never much after taking into account all the bills I've spent. Maybe it might total to 76 cents or even less. No matter the amount, I drop these coins in my coin bank to make sure I save something that day. This is a powerful thing.

$1 in Change Can Turn Into Thousands of Dollars in 1 Year

If you only save $1 in change every day, that's $365 a year. Get your spouse and kids in on the fun, and your family can save enough for a vacation.

$1 per person x 4 = $4 a day X 365 days = $1460.

That's nearly $1500 in cash savings by collecting all your coins and saving them.

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