Satellite Radio Comparison: XM Radio & Sirius Radio


XM Satellite Radio offers crystal clear satellite radio across its airwaves for consumers to enjoy at home, in the car, and on the go. It develops personal XM mp3 for on-the-go listeners as well as in dashboard and outer dashboard receivers. Its status as the #1 provider of satellite radio gives it a slight edge to Sirius in terms of reliability, quality, customer care, and service.

My Short Tenure with XM Satellite Radio

I subscribed to XM Radio for the Live World Cup Show that XM offered over the course of the summer during cup play. XM’s presentation and quality standards are unmatched in the industry, but with the world cup over and done, it needs to add another knockout punch station to compete with Sirius’s NFL network and the recent signing of Howard Stern. Overall, XM’s products and service remain top flight, and I would recommended them at the moment over Sirius. Although XM controls the market, its direct competitor, Sirius, is starting to show signs of genius.

Sirius Radio Signs Howard Stern

Sirius Satellite Radio recently added Howard Stern to the airwaves. Howard Stern’s show attracts a large following of loyal listeners which translates into more $$$ from new subscribers. Sirius may overtake XM as the industry’s leader in a couple of years. The new Sirius Wifi Portable player released earlier this year, and the upcoming provider landed a new contract with Nascar, formerly offered on XM’s channel list. Its car and personal products are comparable to XM’s since Pioneer and Samsung manufacture both receivers.

Sirius Stock Has An Edge on XM Radio Shares

In terms of the market, Sirius is worth more than XM. XM’s stock has lost over 60% over the past 52 weeks, and now Sirius leads in market cap. With the recent decline in oil, I predict that satellite radio gains huge profits over the next three months. Christmas is ahead, so go buy a gift the whole family can enjoy.