Rewarding Top Commentators With Weekend Link Love

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Blogging is all about building a community, so I believe in dedicating posts just to my regular commentators who always keep the conversations interesting. Here are the blog posts that piqued my interest earlier this week:

Investing for your children: 529 College Plans

Investing for our daughter – I actually opened a Upromise 529 education account late last year in 2006, and literally forgot about it. I invested the money into two index funds: the Vanguard Total Stock Market Fund, and the Vanguard Aggressive Market Fund. It's not a whole lot of money, under $100 to be exact, but at least I got the account going. That's the most important part.

Time is Money, so More Time equals More Money

Time is More than Money – Another good post on the time value of money, and why saving and investing early is important. I never get tired of reading these types of entries because they reinforce all the positive concepts of money, and undermine the negatives.

Backup Your Blog and Prevent Server Crash Disaster

How to Backup WordPress Files – I found Courtney's blog a few days ago, and while I initially visited just to receive link love from the Do Follow features, there are some great posts on her blog as well. One entry that hits home is the WordPress backup tutorial I linked to. Trust me, it's one of the smartest moves you can make as a blogger/webmaster.

Heard of AGLOCO? Some Interesting Referral Tips

AGLOCO Referral Tips – I haven't said much about AGLOCO lately because I wasn't impressed with the long wait for the viewbar. Plus, the viewbar runs Google Adsense ads while you surf. I think the AGLOCO team can get more creative than Google in my opinion. Nonetheless, Agloco Kasper shares some very good promotion al tips on his blog.

The Motley Fool's Newest Fool?

Looks like Brian's writing career at the Motley Fool is starting to take off. Congrats on your journalistic success at TMF. I hope you find time to balance the new writing gig and your biotech blog.

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