Recent Stock Buys: JBFCF, F, BYND, WPG, WTER

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I hope everyone is enjoying your MLK day because the markets are closed on Monday, January 20th.

I like to take this time to review my portfolio activity over the last week and document my recent stock purchases on the blog. Here's a list below of my recent stock buys:

Jollibee Foods (JBFCF)

I added to my position in Jollibee, bringing my total share count to around 26. The stock is trading down a lot but the company recently issued $600 million in boods to fund their huge international growth strategy. This is a long term buy for me and I will continue to add shares at the reduced price level.

Beyond Meat (BYND)

I added another share to my Beyond Meat position because I like the long term potential for plant based meats. While many analysts believe shares are expensive, I want to build a large position in this stock for the long term.

Washington Prime Group (WPG)

I'm a bit scared to add to this REIT because REIT experts predict they will cut the dividend. The good news is the CEO referred to the dividend policy in their latest q3 2019 conference call and said the dividend will remain. So who should I believe? If the dividend remains, then I believe WPG stock is grossly undervalued and shares should rebound from the previous lows.

The sky high 27% dividend yield is so high because the stock price has fallen so much. If shares rebound, I can sell these for a nice profit or continue pocketing the dividend.

Alkaine Water Company (WTER)

Cannabis and CBD stocks had a rough 2019 but I expect this sector to recover nicely in 2020. Alkaine Water is another CBD stock that I like because they sell high quality water products plus launched a CBD infused drink line. Their product is in over 50,000 stores nationwide and sales are up. This is a speculative play but I like the long term upside.

Ford Motors (F)

I added a few shares to my Ford position. After years of stagnant sales, I think the new Ford Mustang Mach E will help drive sales in the right direction. Ford stock is currently in a massive acculumation phase and shares could be poised for a big breakout.

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